Salad for Dogs

No matter what type of diet you’ve decided is best for your dog, extra veggies never hurts!  I generally make some type of salad every night for my little wee ones and they love it!


I’ve met some dogs that will just gobble up any type of raw veggie, but my pups are pretty picky eaters so I tend to make more elaborate dishes for them.

I started making a lot of raw food for my pups after one of them developed a few tumors about 4 years ago.  Since then I’ve fed them primarily home made dishes with an emphasis on fresh organic veggies.  Most of her tumors have disappeared now without surgery!  I’m not making any claims about whether or not the diet change influenced it, but I like to think I helped a wee bit!

Ingredients (all organic!):

Arugula chopped very small

Wheat grass chopped very very small

1 Date

Tempeh (you could substitute this with whatever you choose for your pup, sometimes I use coconut or chestnuts)

Small amount of chopped turmeric

Occasionally I add chlorella powder which they love or probiotic powder

For a light dressing I mix and match using flax oil, canned pumpkin, coconut oil, and/or miso.

Wishing you a happy pup!

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3 responses to “Salad for Dogs

  1. V

    1 your blog is awesome
    2 i’m always looking for new dog food recipes!! thanks for sharing!


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  2. I totally wished that I had done this with my senior dogs before it was too late.

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