Vegan Fact of the Day – What a Load of Sh**

In the US, humans produce a staggering 12,000 pounds of excrement per second! But the livestock that’s raised produces over 20 times that amount, at 250,000 pounds per second! What a waste!


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3 responses to “Vegan Fact of the Day – What a Load of Sh**

  1. The report at following link was from ten years ago. The poo has only increased since then. Very little is being done to address the issue. The main-stream media doesn’t acknowledge this a public concern. It is disgusting what the excrement from animal agriculture is doing to The Planet’s environment, the natural habitats of so many species and to the health of humans. Thanks for raising awareness and educating others. ~ Gerean/The Animal Species

    USDA ~ 2005 Annual Report Manure and Byproduct Utilization National Program (link) ~

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