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Vegan Fact of the Day – Soybeans of Brazil



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Vegan Fact of the Day – Humans are Obligate Carnivores! 


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Vegan Fact of the Day – But Where Will We Go?



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Organic Whole Food Dog Treats

 Yes, yes, if you follow my twitter or instagram account you probably already know that I’m completely and totally obsessed with my dogs. You’re probably thinking I’m obsessed to a disturbing level, and this is sadly most likely true.  Considering I’ll spend 30 minutes preparing a healthy breakfast for my pups, while I just gulp down a coffee and cookies… But moving along… 


Dogs like real food!  Shocker I know, and most likely it’s probably good for your dog too!  So at least occasionally you really should give them something fresh!  

Here are some simple snack ideas! Often I’ll mix and match some of these for snacks and my pups love it. 


 -Diced Mango 


-Steamed Sweet Potato and Broccoli 

-Raw Broccoli Stalk 

-Fresh Young Coconut 

-Wheat Grass Finely Chopped 

-Chopped Dates 

-Red Pepper 



-Raw Nori ( natural source of taurine!)

Healthy Food = Happy Pups!  




I’m always looking for new ideas for pup snacks, so if you have any please comment!


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Vegan Fact of the Day! Circus Animals Deserve Better!


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Vegan Fact of the Day – What a Load of Sh**

In the US, humans produce a staggering 12,000 pounds of excrement per second! But the livestock that’s raised produces over 20 times that amount, at 250,000 pounds per second! What a waste!


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